#5 You Know You’re Filipino If You Call The Refrigerator a “Frigidaire”

You also:

  1. call any toothpaste, colgate
  2. diapers are pampers
  3. photocopies are xerox
  4. detergents are tide

The list goes on. If you ask me why this came about, I can’t answer you. I really do not know. But this is what I do know:

As brands go, Filipinos are surprisingly literate. Longchamp bags are extremely popular nowadays even with the fact that they cost at least 7,000 pesos apiece. Why? Try going to a tiangge. You’ll find genuine-looking Longchamps at around 150-200 pesos.

Gone are the days when Esprit knock-offs are labeled “Espirit”and Jansport fakes are “Joesports”. What you’ll see are carefully made knock-offs with clean edges. They may not be made in the Philippines but they sure are infamously famous.

I know the moral discrepancies of piracy. But I can’t help noticing it. It has become a way of life.

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2 thoughts on “#5 You Know You’re Filipino If You Call The Refrigerator a “Frigidaire”

  1. Very interesting post. I know what you mean by knock-offs that are carefully-crafted to the point that you can’t tell them apart from the original. Will never buy any of them, though.

    • Thank you! Some knock-off are even tougher than the originals! I have been guilty of buying them in the past,though. But I’m trying to change and this article is part of my changing phase 🙂

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