Confessions of A Nomadic Creature

I’m more than a thousand miles away from the the place that I was born. 4427 miles to be exact. 214 miles more would be the place where I spent almost half my life. Add 102 miles to get to the place where I spent my childhood.

I never spent even 1 of the 21 years I have on earth without travelling. In other terms, I never actually spent a straight 365 days in one single place. I have transferred homes at least 5 times. I get confused whenever I’m asked for my permanent address. Because for me, it’s not a permanent address. It’s a string of apartments and flats that my family didn’t own.

But I’m not complaining. Traveling a lot and moving a lot made me see awesome things. It made me interact with people who think differently than I do. It taught me to be flexible and learn that nothing in this world is permanent except change. It made me realize that a place is just as good as the memories you have with people you love.

Best of all, it made me appreciate the beauty of my country and how awesome it is to be part of this country.

I am Pinoy.

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